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How is it that one year can feel like both a fleeting moment and an eternity?

We celebrated Ryan’s birthday today (the party was 10 days early, so the sappy “Dear Ryan, you’re a year old, holy CRAP!” post is forthcoming). Once all the toys were opened and mounds of cake were consumed, he crashed. Mike and I peeked in on our sleeping little guy, as we do every night, and it struck me:

I can’t believe he’s already (almost) a year old.

And I can’t remember what it was like to not know him, to not have him in my life.

Quite honestly, I’m too tired to think deeply about it. So instead, I’ll leave you with some photos of the big day.

 Balloons?! I get balloons?! YES!

 (A handmade photo birthday banner. I am VERY proud of this, on account of I’m not crafty.)

 Toys are cool, but cards are cooler.


 Cake? Meh. Got any spinach and chick peas? That’s what I’m into these days.