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As I believe I made abundantly clear in my post about our endless queue of cruddy neighbors: We are ready to be done with the condo lifestyle. (It sounds a little more exotic when you say it that way: Condo lifestyle. But trust me: it’s not exotic.)

We want to rent a house. Here is what we would like to have in and around that house:

  • A two-car garage.
  • A yard. With grass. (“Desert landscape” is the exotic way of saying “dirt.”)
  • A covered back patio that leads out to that yard with grass.
  • A pool, safely gated off to the side.
  • Tile/wood/laminate flooring throughout. No carpet in the main living areas.
  • Double sinks in the master bathroom (for the love of god).
  • Three bedrooms.
  • Lots of kitchen cabinets and counter space.
  • A kitchen island with stools.
  • Fireplace. (I know, it’s hot here. Whatevs. I want a fireplace.)
  • Laundry room, aka “litter box room.”
That’s a big list.

The house must be located in a nice, quiet, safe neighborhood. Right down the street from the local “excelling” (alright, alright, we’ll settle for “highly performing”) elementary school, as well as a top notch – yet very affordable – daycare.

That quiet, safe neighborhood must be strategically located so that neither of us commutes more than 15-20 minutes cuz we’ve done the whole commuting thing, and we’re not doing it again.

I also must have a decent human being for a landlord. Someone who cares about the property and wants to do all the necessary repairs and upgrades. In addition, we prefer friendly and trustworthy (perhaps retired?) neighbors who will watch Ryan any time he is too sick for daycare.

Oh, and I really like brick homes. But I am a reasonable person and am willing to consider non-brick homes.

In conclusion, I would like to spend very little for this home. Like, next to nothing.

Is that too much to ask?