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I’ve always wanted to do one of those lists. You know, like complete 101 things in 101 days. Except I know I could never complete that many things. That’s a lot of things.

But I recently read Ms. My Girl Thursday’s post about completing 29 things before she turned 29. Brilliant!

Except I’m already 29. Bah.

Oh, I could do 30 before 30! (See, I’m getting older, but still sharp as a tack.)

Anyway, I turn 30 in like 8 months, so I better get a move on. So behold, my Amazingly-Awesome-and-Probably-Not-All-Gonna-Happen-But-Life-is-About-The-Journey 30 Before 30 List!
*bugle sounds*
1. Read one book a month. (I’m a slow reader and I have a kid. This is a lofty goal.)
2. Move into a house.
3. Make a really good cheesecake.
4. Revisit the gloriousness that is Rodd’s cabin in Pine.
5. Go to the aquarium with my hubby and my kid.
6. Hike at least once a month.

7. Create new holiday tradition.

8. Roast marshmallows.

9. Introduce Ryan to a splash pad.

10. Buy some non-cheap and comfy – yet cute – work heels.

11. Pay off my car.

12. Figure out better long-term daycare solution.
13. Go on date with Mike to a movie.

14. Write a book proposal.
15. Have fabulous outdoor barbecue with friends in new home.

Ok, that’s all I can come up with. Perhaps I don’t push myself enough? Did I mention I’m busy? I’m finding time to move and bake a cheesecake, for god’s sake.
Whoa, that’s a LOT of stuff! Enough to make my head spin and my picture blurry.