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You learn a lot about someone when you move with them. Mike and I have actually never moved together. I moved into the condo about six months after we started dating; he moved in with me about a year later, and we’ve been there ever since. So we’ve helped each other move, but that’s not quite the same thing.

Last night, we were discussing how and when to get our big flat screen TV to the house. We still have the box it came in, so I figured it could go in the box and on the truck on moving day. He thinks it should go over early on its own special trip.

We have to be careful with it! It’s my BABY, he pleaded.

Oh, it’s your baby? Gee, I thought I was your baby, I retorted.

No… No. It goes like this – and in this order:

1. TV
2. Ryan
3. My pots and pans
4. Belle
5. My wife

For some reason, I’m more offended about the cat beating me than the pots and pans.
Mike and his fifth priority.