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This week’s highlights, brought to you by my Palm Pre and the iPhone Photo Phun linkup. 
We got the keys to our very first (rented) house! Mike is 30. I am quickly approaching 30. It was time to not share walls (and dirty front porches) with the neighbors, don’t you think?
We got the keys on Friday and promptly ordered a pizza and cracked open a couple of beers. Turns out, we thought of food and beverage but didn’t think of chairs. A perfect excuse for an impromptu picnic on our new back patio.
Of course, that’s not the only exciting thing happening in our family right now — the Phillies are also in the playoffs!!! (Perhaps I can’t properly convey fake excitement in type the way I can in person. I’m happy for Mike and his team, I truly (sort of) am. But baseball season never ends in my home.)
Ryan got into the spirit this year, learning how to properly cheer for his team while also bathing:
(The Phillies lost. I don’t think it was Ryan’s fault, though.)
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