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Last week, I introduced you to my awesome bloggy friend, Mich at No Ordinary Momma. I spent the day at her blog discussing in detail all the ways I am a baby gear expert. Today, she is returning the favor with this post about parental responsibilities.

As a new mom, I have a lot of responsibility to my baby.  I need to feed, bathe, and shelter him among other things.  One of the most important roles I will play in his life is teacher.  Wow, I’m supposed to teach him?!?!  Seems like I’d be required to have some type of certification or degree for this, but nope…they’ll let anyone raise a baby. 
There are many things I’ll be able to research and find answers for, but many important life lessons aren’t in books or online.  Here are a few things that I look forward to teaching my son:
Three Important Facebook Rules:
1.       Nobody cares or needs to know where you are 24 hours a day except for your parole officer. 
2.       99% of the people on Facebook are full of crap.  Their lives aren’t perfect and they are bored out of their minds.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t be consumed with updating how much fun they are constantly having and would actually be living their lives.
3.       1% of the people on Facebook need a shrink.  Cryptic updates such as, “In the game of love, glass cuts both ways” should be discussed with a trained professional and not on Facebook.
Three Important Dating Rules:
1.       If she looks dirty, she is…run boy run.
2.       If she offers to pay, it’s a test…you wrestle her to the floor for that bill and pay.
3.       If she out drinks you, it’s not a test…let her win.
Three Important Money Rules:
1.       You’ll never feel like you have enough.
2.       You’ll never feel like you have enough.
3.       You’ll never feel like you have enough.
What are life lessons that you look forward to teaching your kids?


You can see why I love her. Also cuz she and her son, Jayce, are adorbs:

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