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Ryan got a new wagon for his birthday, but his inability to stay up past 6:30 p.m. during the week and our house-moving insanity on the weekends made it difficult to find the time to try it out.

Luckily, Ryan puked at daycare three times on Monday morning and was sent home with Dad. I say “luckily” not because I’m heartless but because it meant he could have a decent nap at home, an early bath and dinner and there was time for an impromptu wagon ride when Mom got home from work.

(And yes, he was fine. He’s just a puker. That’s what he does.)

 This is called a what? Wagon? Sounds exotic.

 I’m buckled in, but I can still reach the other seat! Tap tap tap! Ha! Tap tap tap!

 Holy mother of… is that a DOG?!

Well, this was fun. You have taught me that if I puke and feign illness, I get a day off of school and a fun family excursion past my bedtime. Good parenting today, guys!
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