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I know, I’ve been way too quiet lately. (Or is it just the right amount of quiet? Don’t answer that.)
Evidently, moving into a new house is a lot of work. The last time I moved, it was just me and some stuff and a cat. This time, I got the husband and the kid with me. And the kid has a lot of toys. (And if you ask me, I’d say Mike has too many shoes for a dude. And if you ask him, he might mutter something under his breath about too-many-jackets-for-someone-who-lives-in-perpetual-heat-blah-blah-blah. Anyway.)
Whatever spare time we have left over, we have to devote to reassuring the cat that everything will be fiiiiiiine, that she can caaaaaalm down, that the master bedroom is not the only safe zone in the house.
 It doesn’t help that Ryan hunts her down all day long LOVES her. I’m sorry to say, the feeling is still not mutual.
Meanwhile, the kid? Was perfectly adjusted 4 minutes after he arrived to his new home. He is either the most laid back person in the world or oddly oblivious that he’s now living in a different place. As long as we continue to give him food and toys, dude is unconcerned with change.
Ok, gotta go wash the tile floor again. (Seriously, HOW do you keep that stuff clean? At the end of the day, my kid has a fairly disturbing layer of dirt on his hands and knees. Perhaps it would be more efficient to concentrate less on mopping and more on encouraging him to walk?)