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Mike and I have been pretty desperate to feel settled in our new home. And by “settled,” I mean, “find a really good neighborhood pizza joint.”
It took us years to find a place we really loved near the condo. Years. That’s sort of unacceptable, so we stepped up our search a bit this time around. During our vast research (which consisted of driving around and taking note of the outside structure and signage of each place), we discovered one we knew we had to try.
We were mostly attracted to it because it looked like a hole in the wall with all of two tables. In our experience, those are the best places. So on a whim last night, we decided to give it a shot.
The first bite I took constitutes this week’s Favorite Moment in “My Favorite Moment Friday.” (I remembered to do this two weeks in a row! I am beyond impressed with myself.)
I’m a little embarrassed to say that this is a very small dent compared to what we had actually eaten by the end of the night. Actually, no, I’m not embarrassed. You’d have demolished it, too.
In case that’s not awesome enough, we washed it down with this:

Yeah, pumpkin beer. The combination of my two greatest loves. (Besides my family, of course. On most days.)
Gotta keep pumpkin beer cold with a pumpkin beer koozie. Is my life awesome or what?