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(This week’s selection was sort of a no-brainer.)

It’s one of those moments you anticipate from the very beginning. From the first month of pregnancy to the first time you hear your baby cry, you know in the back of your mind that someday he’s going to grow up.

He’s going to get married and have a baby of his own. But before that, he’ll go away to college. Before that, he’ll drive off to a friend’s house in your car for the first time. Before that, he’ll conquer his first day of kindergarten. And before he can do any of it, he has to take his first steps.

My kid did that today.

He looked at his Dad’s outstretched arms and he took three steps to him.

In case that wasn’t impressive enough, he then crawled to the couch, stood back up, balanced for a few seconds and took two steps to Dad again.

It was a banner day of “firsts” today. Baby’s first steps AND first tracksuit.