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I am tempted to tell you that my kid is the cutest kid that ever lived. However, I am aware that if you have children of your own (or even particularly cute nieces, nephews, cousins, whatever), you likely are already convinced that they hold that title.
But I think I can make a solid argument that Ryan at least belongs somewhere in the Top Five Cutest Kids of All Time.

See what I mean? AND, he had two teeth coming in when that photo was taken. He earns extra points for looking cute while being in pain.

More proof:

I call this one the “I’veGotAPumpkin!” shot:
He’s cute when he sits in a rocking chair:

And he’s cute up close:

And finally… If this doesn’t prove my point, nothing will:

I rest my case.

(P.S. Let’s not count this as evidence in my “Top Five Cutest Kids of All Time” argument, but it’s too funny not to share. Evidently we bore him.)