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It’s another My Favorite Moment Friday! My favorite moment this week is pretty darn fleeting and ordinary. You might think I need a little more excitement in my life. You might be right. I prefer to think I’m just sentimental.
I love photos. I feel an emotional connection to my favorites, usually because I can remember how I felt or what I was thinking when they were taken. Photos make me reflect, and that reflection burns the memory of the moment into me.
I have a framed photo in my house that shows me sitting on a couch, holding my first-born niece. She was a newborn at the time, laying across my lap. My mom is on one side of me, my sister-in-law on the other, and we’re all staring at that beautiful baby.
It looks like I’m trying to memorize her face, and that’s exactly what I was doing. It was the last day of my visit home to meet her, and I was about to leave for the airport. I was desperate to remember how cute her little nose was.
Now she’s five years old and in kindergarten and loves dinosaurs and planets, and I still remember how cute her little nose was.
Our house is full of these photos: A picture of me and Mike on my first-ever trip to Ocean City, a picture of my brother and I dancing at his wedding, a picture of Mike’s whole family gathered outside the weekend his sister got married. Fleeting moments that represent bigger milestones and the passage of time and serve as subtle reminders about what is truly important.
Like I said, I like photos.
So when we had some family photos taken recently in honor of Ryan’s first birthday, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them, to get them into frames and into places of honor where eventually they would fade into the background of the bustle of everyday life.
I finally got a few framed and when I arrived to work the next day, I set a brand new family photo next to a wedding photo that has kept me company at work for the past three years.
And maybe this seems silly, but I stared at the two pictures next to each other for a moment and my heart skipped a beat.
Those photos, side by side, say so much. They show hopefulness, happiness, contentment. They shine a spotlight on much can happen in such a relatively short amount of time. The growth of a family from two to three.
I remember what I was feeling when that wedding picture was taken. It was before the ceremony, so we weren’t even technically married yet. It was a little warm outside (fine, it was hot). I was hoping I wasn’t getting my dress dirty by sitting on the stone bench. And the photographer was telling me that my eyes give off an extra sparkle when she photographs me with Mike versus alone.
It’s too soon for me to know what I’ll remember most about the day the photo on the right was taken. It’s still too fresh. Maybe I’ll remember the crankiness that comes from a toddler who is teething. Or how I spent a full five minutes trying to get Ryan’s new shoes on. I like to think I’ll remember how quiet and peaceful downtown Chandler was that morning.
 But what matters most is that I will remember.