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Several months back, I was fed up with all the mysterious congestion and coughing and vomiting and rashes and this and that and finally surmised that Ryan was allergic to air.
It would seem I need to start listening to that sarcastic voice in my head… cuz he sort of IS allergic to air.
Or at least, the dust, cat hair, ragweed and tree pollen that is floating through the air.
Also?  Definitely eggs and possibly fish. (Unrelated to air, but sob.)
It’s upsetting and frustrating that such a little guy – one who is so very cute and sweet – has to deal with what seem like such grown-up issues. But it could be worse and none of his allergies are severe, just sort of annoying, so we need to have perspective.
You know who else needs perspective? The nurse at the allergist’s office.
Nurse: “Clean his nose out with this saline wash twice a day. Just tilt his head at an angle over the sink and gently squeeze the water up into his nose, one nostril at a time and it will run out the other side.”
Oh, it will run out the other side just like that, huh? Cuz somehow I’m envisioning the three of us doused in distilled water by the time but we’re done, but sure, I’ll make sure to gently hold his head at just the right angle and watch him take it like a man.
Nurse: “Once a day, you’ll also need to give him this nasal spray. All you do is spray up each nostril once. But you have to tilt it to the side and spray it at an angle. Make sure you don’t spray straight up or he could get nose bleeds. Plus, if you spray it straight up, some will go down into his throat and it tastes really bad. If that does happen, it’s ok, just rinse his mouth out with water.”
Excuse me? Rinse his… huh?
Nurse: Yeah, just have him swish some water around in his mouth to get rid of the bad taste.
Oh, sure. I’ll just politely ask my 13-month-old to swish some water. I mean, I can’t even get him to lay still while I change his diaper and I’ve been working on that for 13 months, but I’m totally confident in his ability to cooperate after I’ve held him down, shoved a bottle under his nose and sprayed something disgusting into him against his will.
Nurse: You should also make sure he doesn’t sniff right as you’re spraying, too. That will make it worse.
Sounds great, thanks.
I’ll keep this week’s My Favorite Moment Friday highlight brief. I came home from work yesterday to this:
And this:

Nothing – nothing – can brighten a Thursday like flowers and beer. (Thanks, husband.)
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