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Have you ever gotten an email from your past self?
Well, I did this week. I vaguely remember sitting at work three years ago and stumbling upon a website that asked me to type out some questions and goals to my “future self.”
I hit send, promptly forgot about the whole thing and went on with my life. Until Monday when I checked my inbox and there it was: a letter from the Meghan of 2008.
She had a few questions for me. She wanted to know if I still worked for the local newspaper – with an added comment that was something along the lines of “PleaseGodNo.” (No, 2008Meghan. You will be relieved to learn that I’m actually on my second job since then and am happier than ever.)
She wanted to know whether I had a baby yet. (Oh, I’m way past you, 2008Meghan – I’ve traded that baby in for a strong-willed toddler with a penchant for milk and yogurt bites.)
She asked if I’d moved out of the condo yet. (Phew, just barely got that move in!)
But perhaps my favorite question from young 2008Meghan was, “Is Belle still fat?” (She’s actually slimmed down quite nicely, per the vet’s recommendation, but she hasn’t totally changed: She still drives us nuts with her incessant begging anytime we go near her food bowl.)
Then 2008Meghan laid out some of her goals, things she hoped to have accomplished by 2011. She wanted to have traveled overseas (nope), gotten a job at a non-profit organization (nope again), finished her master’s degree (a graduate certificate doesn’t count, I suppose?), have a baby (dingdingding!) and bought a house (Oh dearest 2008Meghan… you will come to learn that owning a condo is ownership enough).
She also wanted to know how the economy is doing in 2011, stating “It’s not so hot right now.” How astute I was at such an early age, wouldn’t you agree?
At the end, the email informed me that I could click to write another letter to my future self. I responded by clicking out of the email entirely. Once is enough for that freaky experiment. 

If you’re feeling feisty, check out I was not paid for this post. But hey, it IS fun, if you’re into the whole freaky talking-to-your-future-self experiment thing.