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I really want to whine right now. I want to bemoan the uttering of the phrase “double ear infection” and the even more dreaded “can’t see the tubes.” I want rail about the fact that my kid is – once again – on two different antibiotics that I have approximately zero percent confidence will do anything positive at all.

But hey, it’s the holiday season. And other people have bigger problems than me. And ho ho ho and whatnot. So let’s talk about ornaments instead.

(Did you like that segue?)

I’m a huge ornament freak. I really really like ’em. Around the time I was maybe 11 or 12 years old, my Mom decided that she should buy me a new ornament every year so that when I grew up and moved out and decorated my own tree, it would be full of memories rather than barren or decorated with non-sentimental colored balls.

Oh, hello there, 1982 bear. You are getting mighty old. (But young at heart, am I right?)
Of course, my Mom didn’t stop there. My first Christmas away, now permanently living in Arizona, I received a package in the mail with a few other ornaments. They weren’t “mine” exactly, but they were ornaments I remembered hanging every year at home. They were old fashioned, and therefore, they were favorites of ours (if there’s one thing my Mom passed on to me, it’s a love of all things antique):
She has a matching ornament in green instead of pink. And she may or may not have texted me a picture of it hanging on her tree last week, with regards from the green kids in Ohio to their pink counterparts in Phoenix. I think you see where I also get my sense of oddness humor.

 Random decorating action shot!
I celebrate milestones via ornaments. When Mike first moved in with me, just months before Christmas of 2006, I decided we needed to go ornament shopping. We needed a little “us” on a tree that had a whole lot of “me.” So, we went with the obvious choice… a Christmas pickle:

The eventual marriage wasn’t really official until we had the ornament that documented it (Thanks, Niffer!):
And then, of course, this guy joined us last year:

And I realized that one day, he would grow up and move away and he would need some ornaments of his own. Thus began his collection:

Bam! Action shot!

I think the thing I like most is that when it’s all said and done, my tree oozes “family.” I have an ornament that belonged to my great Aunt Pat, who is hugely missed:

And one that was decorated (albeit sparsely) two years ago by my oldest niece:

So cheer me up… help me forget about ear drops and nasal flushes and breathing treatments and blah blah blah. Tell me: What is your favorite holiday tradition? I am very cheesy when it comes to holidays, so the cheesier, the better.

 It took us three years to find the perfect angel for the top of our skinny tree. She was worth the wait.