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Before Ryan was born, I wondered whether I’d be one of those moms who hoarded 15 boxes of her kid’s “art.” I couldn’t fathom how I would be able to throw away birthday cards with smiling stick-figure families or finger-painted masterpieces.
And I was sort of right. Ryan has already made a few things that I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to part with, such as my first-ever Valentine from my son:
And this picture frame for my first Mother’s Day:

And I must say that I’m pretty impressed with his first attempt at coloring with crayons (please note the attention to detail on the cactus):

But I recently discovered that I’m not totally sentimental and I do not necessarily think that everything Ryan creates is brilliant. Heartless though it may be, I was easily able to part with this gem:

It would appear that Ryan believes a Thanksgiving cornucopia should be full of beef, turkey, veggies and a Chinese stir-fry. He might be right (stir-fry is delicious), but strangely, I felt no emotional attachment to this project.