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There is currently nothing my kid likes more than the sound of his own name. Actually, more accurately, the spelling of his own name.

He has some painted wooden letters on the wall over his crib that spell out his name. If you are holding Ryan anywhere in the general vicinity of these letters, you must point to each one and spell it out.

“Rrrrr….. Yyyyyy…. Aaaaaa… N! Ryan!”

Extra points if you point out the rather obvious: “That’s you! You’re Ryan!”

But don’t celebrate this fact for too long or he will grab your hand and shove it back into a point at the R, at which point you must start all over.

If you think the living room is safe from this game, you are wrong. It just so happens that he knows about that one ornament on the top left side of the Christmas tree that has his name written across it in tiny script. Don’t bother trying to show him the awesome snowman who is grilling cheeseburgers. He doesn’t care about the pretty pink snowflake or the handmade wooden train. He just wants you to point to his name and spell it.

And to think that we very nearly named him Aaron.

Whoa, with TWO As?! 

Also, did you know that opening and closing doors – as well as turning lights on and off – is So. Darn. Fun? Every night when we get home, he closes his car door for me, presses the button to shut the garage door, slams the laundry room door shut and then lets out a happy sigh.
I am trying to figure out why we spent a bunch of money on toys for Christmas when we could have just written his name on a piece of paper and taped it to a door that is slightly ajar.