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There is something I cannot figure out about myself and it is this:

If it is the case that 1.) talking in the third person annoys the living stuff out of me and 2.) it’s not at all proper or good grammar or a habit I want my kid to develop… then why.can’t.I.stop?

Why do I say “Can you close the door for Mommy?” rather than “Can you close the door for me?” Why do I inform Ryan that “Mommy loves cookies, too!” and ask him if he can “blow Mommy a kiss“?

Even as I say it, I’m internally rolling my eyes at myself, cuz good lord woman, you sound like an idiot and nobody talks like that and stop trying to coerce the kid into finally calling you “Mommy.” I know he said Dada like a million years ago and he calls the cat by name, but he knows who you are. He probably doesn’t want to say “Mommy” cuz he hears it from you so many times a day that the word has practically lost all meaning and even sounds a little funny.*

So maybe that’ll be my New Year’s Resolution: Stop referring to myself in the third person. Either that or do a better job of remembering to put the clothes from the washer into the dryer before they dry together in a crumpled, tangled mess. It’s a toss-up.

*You know, like if you say the word “butter” ten times in a row and suddenly it sounds like gibberish. Butter butter butter butter butter.