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A 2011 Year In Review through the eyes of my blog:

I started off the year with a bang, realizing in January that I could no longer deny it: I am a grown up.

In February, I admitted that I’m not a great parent; I’m just a decent one.

In March, Mike slammed Ryan’s head into the stove, and I was very smug about it.

In April, I tried to get past all the worry over illness and random ailments.

In May, we experienced the epic disaster that is a broken washing machine and a vomitous* baby.

In June, I encountered a not-so-great Dad that made me realize what a great Dad Mike is.

In July, we got grave news: Our son is a binky bandit.

In August, I came to a major realization: I am two different people.

In September, I wrote a letter to Ryan on his first birthday.

In October, we said farewell to the condo.

In November, my son and I finally began communicating effectively with each other.

And in December, we received a couple of very impressive toddler headshots.

Christmas Day.

The year was filled with joy, with tears, with Cheerios, with family, with ear infections, with trips and with a whole lot of fun. I suspect there is even more fun (and probably more Cheerios but hopefully fewer ear infections) ahead for us in 2012.

Happy New Year!

*He vomited so much that I had to make up a new word to describe it.