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I just got home from the store. Mike and I had returned home after dinner to find that we only had three brewskies to split between us, and well, what kind of a New Year’s Eve is that? So I ran up to the store, where I grabbed this:
As I handed the cashier my ID, he motioned to the beers and said, “So this is your New Year’s, huh?”
I laughed and said, “Yep, this is it.
I can see how maybe it didn’t look like much. But what he saw as just twelve beers, I saw as one beer for every month of one of the best years of my life. A year in which we introduced Ryan to his aunt, uncle and cousins. A year where we saw my sister-in-law get married. A year where I landed a pretty awesome job and we finally moved into a house. A year of so many firsts for Ryan: first food, first word, first steps. A year where we really melded as a family, where we laughed and clapped and high-fived our hearts out.
So yeah, we’ll welcome 2012 fairly quietly, with a wink and a toast and a kid asleep down the hall. 
Well, and with a bottle of champagne to go with those brews. We are classy, after all.