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Clap your hands and make a sound; wiggle your fingers all around!

I posted a couple months back about Ryan’s utter lack of interest in literature.

Bend and reach to touch your toes. Stand up straight; point to your nose!

Well, that has changed.

Open your mouth big and wide. Where’s your tongue? It hides inside!

More specifically, Ryan now really really loves four and a half books.

Point to your eyes, one and two. What color are they: brown, green or blue?

One is about body parts, one is about bubbles, one is about wishing stars, one is about a rainy day, and he enjoys the first half of “A Very Mater Christmas.”*

Now we’ve said our silly rhyme; let’s play the game one more time!

The kid is so sweet when he wants to read, too. He brings the book over, politely hands it to me, sits down on the floor, crosses his ankles, clasps his hands together and looks at me with the most earnest look I’ve ever seen on a person.

Point to your eyes, mouth and nose. Wiggle your fingers and your toes!**

Since he looks so cute, I try to swallow the fact that If.I.Have.To.Read.About.Fingers.And.Toes.One.More.Time.My. Head.Will.Explode.

The end.

*He loses interest at the part where Sally and Lightning McQueen stop to drink some warm oil at Flo’s Cafe. Personally, I think that’s where the story starts getting good.
**”Eyes and Nose, Fingers and Toes,” recited by memory, god save my soul.