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In honor of the New Year, I resolved to do something each month for those in need. As my second resolution, I wanted to do something for my son. Something that would be fun for me now and that he would appreciate and/or chuckle at in the future.
Bonus points if it didn’t involve scrapbooking but allowed me to play around with Photoshop Elements, which I bought this week.
I strongly considered doing the 365-day “Love Letters” project. And then I realized that doing one a day for an entire year was a recipe for stress in my world.
I asked for advice on Facebook, and one lovely reader told me about the Photo: 52 ABCs project. Once a week, starting with the letter “A,” you take a picture that represents that letter and post it. It can be an object, a feeling, a description. It can be funny, sentimental or serious. Over the course of the year, with one letter a week, we’ll go through the alphabet twice.
Once a week? Sign me up. Plus, imagine what a cute (and educational!) book this will make at the end of the year.
I arrived home last night with a specific word in my head and a plan for “A.” It was going to be sweet and sentimental. But then I watched as my kid chowed down on Cheerios and milk – the only thing he would eat and his absolute favorite thing in the whole world. (He lets out a happy sigh when you give either item to him.)
A different “A” word popped in my head. And once it was there, it wouldn’t go away:

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