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He’s cautious. Contemplative. Wary. Thoughtful. He’s generally just not really sure about things.

When Ryan was 11 months old, I would have sworn he’d be walking by his first birthday. He was pulling himself up constantly and cruising along furniture. For many kids, that would mean that walking was just around the corner. But not for Ryan.

When he was 13-1/2 months old, he took what I consider to be his first steps. It was 5-6 steps from the couch to my arms. I figured life as we knew it was over, but although he would occasionally take a few steps from Mom to Dad, he was still mostly happy to cruise along anything he could hold on to and crawl to get across a room.

When he was 14-1/2 months old, his teachers at daycare started telling me that he was walking more there during the day. He could finally go from this table to that toy to this rug without holding on to anything. But when he got home, he’d revert back to crawling and cruising.

On Christmas Day, when he was 15 months old, he decided to really give the whole walking thing a go. You know how some people say “My kid was running before (s)he was walking!“? Yeah, that’s the opposite of Ryan. His is a paced, deliberate sort of walk. While I can see that he’s gaining confidence and becoming steadier, he shows no interest in attempting to run. That would be dangerous. And my kid just doesn’t do danger.

My kid is a watcher, a thinker. He studies objects, he studies people. Crowded restaurants with fast-moving waitresses and busboys fascinate him. New toys must be considered before played with.

I love this about him. I love how his personality is shining through. I love that he doesn’t do things in a conventional way on a conventional timeline.

But mostly, I love that he went easy on his novice parents and gifted us with 15 months of walk-free bliss.