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First, they don’t want to eat at all. Food? Yuck.

All of a sudden one day, oatmeal sounds REALLY good. They LOVE oatmeal. All they want in the world is oatmeal. That waffle you’re offering is an insult. Cuz it’s not oatmeal. Therefore how dare you.

The next day, oatmeal is gross. Beyond gross. So gross that “gross” doesn’t even come close to describing how gross it is. They will not eat it. They will eat anything except that bowl of gross.

Meanwhile, yogurt bites? Are. Amazing. They will have to eat them approximately every second of every minute of every day or else. 

Until they discover ketchup. Oh God, the ketchup. On anything and everything. On grilled cheese sandwiches. Mixed with mashed potatoes and veggies. Used as a sauce for ravioli.*

Yeah. Ketchup.

But cookies? Cookies are always good, no matter what. Cookies solve all problems, end all tantrums, reinstate peace.

I rest my case.

*I know, it’s disgusting. It’s also the only way he will let a noodle past his lips.