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Things are busy ’round here. Now that the holidays are over, I’m trying to finish up decorating the house. Work is busy. I’ve got projects that are taking up some free time. My mom is in town for a few weeks. Et cetera, et cetera. So let’s do a quick-hit update, shall we?

  • I continue to feed my kid more and more disgusting foods that he loves. We were cleaning out the pantry over the weekend and found a packet of organic pureed baby food. It was some gross combination of sweet potato, grains, apples and carrots. Naturally, we put ketchup on it and fed it to Ryan. He liked it for a while, until he decided that what he really wanted was Goldfish crackers. Fine, kid. Your first lesson in the art of compromise:
  • The tantrums have officially started. Anything and everything has the potential to set Ryan off, including (but not limited to) me leaving the room, moving the television remote out of his line of sight, taking away his empty sippy cup, making him get out of the bath tub, making him go from Dad to Mom, giving him back to Dad, putting him in the car seat,¬†diaper changes, bed time, walking in the general direction of his room. And on and on. I’m trying very hard to follow this philosophy, in which we “allow feelings but limit behavior.” I.e., “I understand that you really want to play with the remote. It’s difficult to give up things we enjoy. Let’s find something else to play with that you will like!” But what I really think (and sometimes say) is “Dude, relax. It’s just a remote, and not even a particularly cool one. This is not a real problem. Hunger, homelessness, disease – these are real problems. Get a grip.”
  • Ryan has a pair of jeans (size 12 months) that have a real, working zipper. My question is … why?
  • Ryan says “Dis” constantly. It’s a command that has many meanings. It could mean he wants to eat whatever he’s pointing to, or maybe he wants you to tell him what something is, or else he unsuccessfully attempted to put on a sock and hands it to you with an authoritative “Dissss!” with that hope that you’ll just do it for him.
Now you’re caught up on all the important stuff.