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I’m in a funk. It’s a post-holiday, not-yet-spring-training, running-around-too-much sort of a funk. 
I think I need a vacation. I tried to book a hotel in Tucson so that we could get away for a weekend in February and shed the funk. But then I realized we really need to stay at a resort with suites so that we could put Ryan to bed in a separate room.* And then I saw how expensive those were and I peed my pants a little. And then I decided it was worth it. And then I realized we’d have to toddler-proof the whole damn suite. 
And that’s just too daunting. So I’m back in the funk.
I’m trying to focus on the positives in life, which are as follows:
  • I finally figured out how to order a latte at the coffee shop where I work in order to get exactly what I want: tall, skim milk, extra hot, with only one or two pumps. It’s possible that I’m high-maintenance. But at $3.50 a cup, I sort of think the coffee is the high-maintenance one.
  • The Mommy Phase is wearing off. On one hand, it makes me a tiny bit sad when Ryan has no interest in coming to me.** On the other hand? I’m hoping it means I get to walk into the kitchen to refill my coffee mug tomorrow morning without him chasing after me, yelling and shaking the metal gate that dares to separate us.
  • Wine. Obviously.
Happy Friday! Or something!

*Unless we want to go to sleep at 7 p.m., which I haven’t entirely ruled out.
**Read: Claws dramatically at Dad and screams at the mere suggestion that I take him for just a moment to help him put his jacket on.

P.S. Here is this week’s Photo: 52 ABCs photo. Further proof that kid is totally loving Dad right now: