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Ryan was a pretty late walker, on account of his extremely cautious nature. When he did finally walk, it was gingerly, thoughtfully. It was weeks before he gained any sort of speed.

As a result, he never fell.*

Well, dude has suddenly found his confidence and his speed.**  As a result, in the past 10 days, we’ve received two incident reports from daycare accompanied by two fat lips and two bloody noses.

When I picked him up last night, he took one look at me across the room and started speed walking to me. I saw the blanket on the floor in his path and knew what was coming.

Oh, wait, be caref–

*face plant*

Undeterred, he climbed back to his feet and continued powering through that pesky blanket.

Oh, wait, you’re gonna–

*face plant*


To his credit, he didn’t cry, he just signed that he was hungry. Apparently all that falling can really work up an appetite.

*Unless he was really tired, in which case he fell over like a drunken sailor. We’ve all been there.
**I think it has something to do with him finally figuring out that his knees bend.