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My intentions were good.

I hate keeping my kid cooped up in the house all weekend. Every kid needs at least a little fresh air, I figured.

So a little stroll through the downtown Glendale Chocolate Festival seemed like a pretty good idea. I get chocolate, Mike gets greasy food, the kid gets fresh air. Win-win-win.

We happily breezed through the crowds, stopping to chat with some of my co-workers at one vendor booth and admiring a knitted penguin hat from another vendor.

Fifteen minutes into our outing, we decided to grab some lunch. We snagged one of the only empty tables (score!) and I wandered off in search of a chicken gyro.

By the time I returned, our table was overrun with Red Hat Society Ladies and Mike, who was frantically swaying with Ryan in his arms, had a wild look in his eyes.

And that, my friends, was the beginning of our first Toddler Meltdown in Public.

He did not want Cheerios, how dare you, I only brought seven cookies, an insult, there was no milk for sale in the entire city of Glendale, what kind of a hellhole is this, and it was hot, a hoodie and khakis, really?!

Naturally, the red hats were having a very good time.

It’s not nap time yet, Ryan! Hahahaha!”

And so we left, with a very perturbed Ryan forcibly strapped into his stroller, voicing his displeasure the entire way back to the car. And that is how we arrived at this week’s Photo: 52 – ABCs Project, Letter E:

By the way, I spent the entire 25-minute car ride home listening to Ryan alternate between girly screaming and blowing raspberries, while Mike cranked up the volume on such 80s classics as the Thompson Twins’ Hold Me Now to tune him out.