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I think I have the most thoughtful (and advanced) toddler on the planet. Here’s why I think this:

1. He left me a Valentine’s Day card this morning right by my hairdryer where he knew I’d find it. (I didn’t even think he knew how to get past those cabinet locks.)

2. He addressed it to “Momma Bear” and wrote a lovely note about how much he loved me and signed his name. The “Y” was written backwards, but otherwise, kid boasted perfect penmanship.

3. He made this:

Note the way he expertly overlapped those doily hearts. And how he wrote us a poem about how much he loves us and then printed it out on a computer.
Dare I say, if he wants nothing but letter-of-the-day cookies for dinner tonight, I just might oblige. He’s earned them.
Happy Valentine’s Day!