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I am very tempted to document here, for all to read, the play-by-play of insanity that was my “vacation” in scenic Prescott, Arizona over the holiday weekend.

But I’ve decided to spare my future teenage son the embarrassment as well as everyone else’s appetite. Let’s just say… Ryan had some kind of stomach bug. And there quite possibly was an episode in which Mike ran down the main street, holding Ryan (who was wrapped in a high chair cover) at arm’s length. And we may have frantically tossed suitcases, coats, strollers and snack foods out of the trunk and into the middle of the road so that we could attempt to clean him up without everyone becoming covered in a certain substance.

But hey, if you happened to be in downtown Prescott this weekend, you don’t need to read about it here. I’m sure you saw everything.

Anyway, I present you with…

7 Things I learned About Traveling With a Sick Toddler and Becoming Chained To My Hotel Room for 45 Straight Hours:

1. It’s a good idea to book a small suite so the toddler can have his own separate area to sleep while you enjoy such modern comforts as television and having lights on. However, you should be sure to find a place in which this separate sleep area is not located in the same tiny room as the only door in and out of the suite. Otherwise, you may find that you spend over an hour discussing how to get food and whether a knock from room service would wake him up.

2. Furthermore, bring snacks for the adults. You may have packed bananas, oatmeal, apple sauce, gold fish, puffs, cheerios, graham crackers, microwavable turkey dinners, cookies, blueberry wheels and yogurt bites for your kid — and kudos on that — but the adults are the ones who are awake and trapped. Three hours past lunchtime, you will start to turn on each other.

3. Extra clothes. In the diaper bag. Always, always, always. If you forget this JUST ONE TIME, it will be the time you very much regret it.

4. Get a room with a good view. That way you can say “At least we’ve got this great view!” no less than 64 times. It’s a good conversation-starter when you find that you have very little left to talk about.


5. The Red Box movie app? Is amazing. Also? The Ides of March is a very compelling modern day political thriller.

6. Don’t worry about bringing a huge box of toys. When the kid is awake and/or not exploding with illness, he will not want to play with the same old toys when there is brand new hotel plumbing to inspect:

7. Remember to stop at a pretty place on your way out of town to take a family self-portrait to remember the weekend by.

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