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At least that’s what his daycare teacher says.

He think,” she once told me in her thick Yugoslavian accent. “He sit and he think. In my country, we say he’s philosopher.”

Up until now, the kid may have thought a lot but never found it particularly necessary to speak. He’d been stuck with just “Dada” and “Belle” for months, and if I’m being perfectly honest, “Dada” was never quite used properly and was probably more of a babble than a word.

A couple weeks ago, he suddenly picked up “bye-bye” (or “bye-bye-bye” depending on how badly he wants you to leave). A few days later, something that sounded suspiciously like “apple” was thrown into the mix.

Then I posted a letter to him, harping on his incorrect use of head shaking and nodding. He must have read it and taken my suggestions to heart because since then, he has not only used them correctly but even started saying “yeah” when he’s agreeable to something.

Yesterday, he finally began using “Dada” properly. Properly and abundantly. He yells “Dada!!” when Mike walks in a room, calls out to him when he’s in another room, even chases after him calling out his name.

And apparently, as of today, he is also addressing his teacher by name.

Hmmm… does anyone else notice a word that is GLARINGLY absent from his vocabulary? 

Oh, hello there, lady-who-carried-you-for-41-and-a-half-weeks.

He ought to devote a little of that thinking time to figuring out how to address his mother.