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I think I had my first official spoken conversation with my son last night.

I was singing him a song that I made up and have been singing to him since he was about a week old. I have no shame, so I’ll share the lyrics with you: He’s a Bubzy, he’s a bubzy wubzy pickle pants, a bubzy, he’s the greatest little bubzy that I knoooow, he’s the bestest little baby in the whole! wide! world! *

Anyway, I finish off the song in a grand flourish of tickling, and he smiles, looks at me and says, “a-geh.”

Me: Again?

Ryan: Yah.

And so I sang it again, with even more gusto this time (if that’s possible).

Ok, maybe it’s not a true conversation.** But it made me want to skip down the street, so that counts for something, no?

* You can’t convince me that this isn’t normal. This is very normal in my home.
** Ok, curiosity got the better of me and I looked up the official definition of “conversation.” It is “the informal exchange of ideas by spoken words.” We totally exchanged the idea of singing the song again, so it counts. BOOM!