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Today was a big day at the university where I work. We held an event that we’ve been planning for a few months. I was in charge of hiring a freelance photographer to capture the event, so I naturally chose a friend of mine who I know from my newspaper reporting days
(Incidentally, he also took some portraits of us on our wedding day, because he rocks like that. This was one of my favorites.)
Mike and Ryan came up to meet me once my volunteer duties were complete and we walked over to chat with the photographer for a few minutes while he took a break from shooting. While we stood talking, he reached down with his expensive camera and snapped a few quick shots of Ryan in his stroller. 
And here’s the one he emailed to me immediately after the event:

Um. That is the epitome of my kid. I sort of want to say “oh, he caught him at a bad moment,” but nope, that’s just him. Wild hair (the kid needs a haircut like every five weeks!), random cut over his lip from some unknown injury, desperately clinging to his snack cup and just sort of generally like “what do you want?”

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to tell you today. Happy weekend!

(Ok, one more thing. I just showed the photo to Mike and his response was: “Ha. That’s him.” See why we’re a good match?)