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Lately, I have found that at any given time, Ryan is in one of four distinct modes. They are as follows:

1. Little Ball of Joy Mode. This mode is amazing. In this mode, he is agreeable to practically anything. Wagon ride to the diner on the corner? Totally! I’ll bring my water bottle and snack cup and I will order a glass of milk and it will be Ravioli for dinner? My fave! Early bedtime? Sure! I am feeling a bit lethargic. When he is in this mode, I feel like we are a walking portrait of family bliss, straight out of the 1950s.

2. Generous Mode. This is the mode where he will give you unlimited hugs and kisses. Over and over, as many times as you ask, and sometimes even without asking. It is also the most fleeting mode, lasting approximately six minutes at a time, so when he’s into it, I take full advantage and rack up as many hugs and kisses as I possibly can.

3. Angry Toddler Monster Mode. His most frequent mode these days. It almost always starts the same way – with him spotting the television remote somewhere in the living room and our subsequent refusal to let him play with it.* Maybe I’m able to placate him for a moment with the cat hair lint brush, but then he wants to eat it, and that’s where I draw the line,** so that gets taken away, too. And then there is much screaming and arm-flailing and stomping and shaking of the baby gate. It’s all very dramatic.

4. Cleaning Mode. This is his newest mode. Sorta kinda hoping this one is here to stay. The boy likes to clean. We thought his passion for cleaning was limited to dusting and laundry, but apparently he got his hands on a play vacuum at daycare yesterday and had a grand ol’ time. As his awesome Yugoslavian teacher said, “He enjoy to vacuum. He clean all room.”

 It’s always a good idea to keep a snack nearby while you’re cleaning, what with all that energy you’re burning.

Apparently even our screens are too dusty for his liking. There is just no living up to some people’s standards, am I right?

I’m still waiting for the Can Say “Mama” Mode.***

*You would think we would just start hiding the remote so he doesn’t spot it, but we’re not that bright.
**Quite honestly, if he weren’t semi-allergic to cats, I’d probably just let him eat it.
***Not that I’m bitter.