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Tonight, I had a significant moment with my son.

Mike was out for the night with some co-workers and I had Ryan all to myself. A “Mommy and Ryan date.” I fed him a dinner of hot dogs and gold fish crackers and sugar cookies (cuz who cares about nutrition on such a special occasion). I gave him a bath and started getting him dressed for bed.

He looked so sweet and happy, lying on the changing table as I dried him off and got him dressed in his pajamas. I leaned down, close to him, wanting him to understand how deeply he made me feel.

Do you have any idea how much I love you?” I asked him quietly. “I love you soooooooo much.”

He looked at me serenely. He seemed to understand exactly what I was saying. He looked back at me with shining eyes.

And then he stuck his finger up my nose.

And we both laughed harder than we have ever laughed.