Posted by on Mar 28, 2012 in banning food and drink from car seat, car seat shenanigans, toddler discipline | 0 comments

I have finally learned my lesson. Ryan is no longer allowed to have anything in his car seat with him. Maaaaaaybe a stuffed animal but I’m considering banning those too, just out of spite.

You would think I would have learned this lesson after the Great Milk Episode of 2012, which is the reason why my kid looked like a slob in his “back-up clothes” at his friend’s birthday party a couple weeks ago while every other kid was dressed to the nines.

I spy an adorable dress/tights/headband combo, a tutu, a snazzy button down/khaki ensemble … and the back of a faded Penn State t-shirt.

But I didn’t learn then, which is how my kid spent not one but two subsequent car rides dousing himself in water from head to toe.

Shockingly, that didn’t teach me either, which is why I’ll be digging Cheerios out of the car seat padding for the next four months.

But opening the car door yesterday to find a smirk on his face and his daycare summary sheet torn to bits and strewn about the backseat has done the trick. No more car seat fun for this guy.

I’m pretty sure he ate some, too.

According to this sheet, he ate something at 7:30, 11:15 and 1:45 and then something about a song and something else about a game. Oh, sounds like a great day!