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Work has been really busy the past couple of weeks, sucking up most of my brain power.* As such, I do not have much left over to conjure up any sort of eloquent blog post. Therefore, welcome to my stream of consciousness…**

I wonder how can I get it through my kid’s head that it’s not “Uh-oh!” if you throw the sippy cup on purpose. It would be more accurate (and frankly, impressive) for him to yell “I may be small and powerless overall, but I will still find ways to rebel!”

We’re signing Ryan up for swim classes this month. It is hot in Arizona, therefore there are many pools in Arizona, therefore there are many news stories about toddlers drowning in Arizona. That’s scary. You know what’s scarier? This means I really need to take the time to feel bad about myself in a cold, bright, mirrored room find a new swim suit. The one I have now? I bought when I moved to Arizona. Eight years ago. Mike says it’s time.

My 30th birthday is coming up. Know how I’m going to celebrate? By getting my kid baptized and then throwing him a party afterward with a big cake in the shape of a cross. Know what we did for Mike’s 30th birthday? We went to Las Vegas and partied with friends for the weekend. Hrrrmmm.

I’m addicted to Words with Friends. I have a dream of someday, somehow beating my Dad in this game. This is nearly impossible on account of he cheats. He plays words like “dashy” and “tor,” which are not recognized by my iPhone and which is the only dictionary that counts as far as I’m concerned. But Google claims that a “tor” is a hill or rocky peak. All of this to say… we have a new game in our home called “Ryan is king of the tor!!”

That is all.

*This is what happens when you have a limited amount of brain power to begin with.
**I don’t blame you if you are too apprehensive to continue reading.