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Easter is a few days away and whenever a big holiday approaches, I can’t help but think how we are molding the memories that Ryan will look back on decades from now.

I hope he remembers two things. First, the stability of our traditions — Easter brunch that always, always featured a green chili egg casserole.* Easter egg hunts. Dessert platters of peanut butter eggs and coconut cream eggs. A house filled with the chatter of friends.

Secondly, I hope he remembers that our holidays always had a hint of quirk to them. Like trying to take a traditional Easter Bunny photo with a friend and becoming distracted by a decidedly non-traditional Easter Chicken.**

Also: Why is the bunny blue?

Maybe our Easters aren’t perfect. We live far from family, so Ryan doesn’t get to run around with his cousins. He doesn’t get to do a second, special egg hunt at Grandma’s house. But he has received no less than FOUR Easter packages in the mail over the past 2 weeks. And Easter day is almost guaranteed to be sunny and warm. So hopefully, it’s still pretty darn good.

What are you doing to celebrate Easter? What Easter traditions make your holiday special?

*Ok, and mimosas for the adults. To wash the casserole down, am I right?
**Easter Chicken not pictured. But allow me to paint a mental image for you: Large. Yellow. Feathered. Happy. 

Random side note: I’m linking up to Toddle Along Tuesday’s Favorite Photo Contest. This might very well be my favorite photo of all time…