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We keep thinking that Ryan is going to grow into his belly.

When he started walking in December, I expected that all the extra movement would reduce The Belly a bit. But his love of mass quantities of food and drink seems to grow every day so that at 18 months old, dude is sporting tiny 12-month pants and huge 24-month shirts.

The Belly always tells us when it’s time to move up to the next size.

 This picture made me realize a few months ago that dude needed some bigger pajamas.

The Belly protrudes significantly more right after he eats. I bought this adorably awesome shirt last weekend for some upcoming special events. He wore it for the first – and last – time on Easter. At first, it was a little snug but still adorable:
Right after that picture was taken, he had a snack of yogurt bites, zucchini bread and milk, resulting in this:

 Still cute, but in a pregnant-waddling sort of way.

One day a shirt fits him perfectly. The next day, it’s a full-blown belly shirt, straight out of the 90s.

Am I the only one battling The Belly? What’s your biggest challenge in dressing your kid?