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We sing the alphabet to Ryan a lot. Sometimes that song is the only thing that will calm him down when he’s feeling especially ornery. Both of his parents are writers, so perhaps he is genetically predisposed to find comfort in letters and words.*

Previously, the best you could hope for in response was for the current whining/yelling to end. If you did a particularly impressive rendition, he might reward you with a smile or applaud your performance and wait expectantly for you to start the song again.

But recently, he started singing along with the first four letters. It seemed to come out of nowhere and took us by surprise and obviously made us very, very proud.

Want to know what makes it even more impressive? He sings it in French.

You know, pronounced like “ahh, bay, say, day…”

I suppose you could also argue he’s singing it in Spanish, which might sense given where we live. But I can tell he’s speaking French.**

So now we have a new routine: I sing the alphabet song, point to him and yell out “Repeter… en francais!”***

Picture him wearing a beret instead of a Mickey Mouse ball cap… could pass for French, non?

*Or maybe he’s just weird. Hard to know for sure.
**Based on the way he sort of breathe-whispers the letters.
***I took French classes in high school. I finally get to laugh at everyone who said I would never use it.

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