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Back in September, I had the brilliant idea to make a list of 30 things I wanted to accomplish before I turned 30.

Of course, I could only actually come up with 15 items, so it was less of a 30 Before 30 list and more of a 15 Before 30 list.
Once I created the list, I promptly forgot about it until now,* just two weeks before my birthday.
1. Read one book a month. (I’m a slow reader and I have a kid. This is a lofty goal.)
I’m still a slow reader and I still have a kid, so this was a no-go. BUT I *did* spend nearly one full weekend of literary bliss, in which I did nothing but read the Hunger Games, which was a huge break from my usual only-read-for-20-minutes-in-bed-before-I-pass-out routine. Baby steps.
2. Move into a house.
3. Make a really good cheesecake.
No. But I ate a really good cheesecake, if that counts for anything.
4. Revisit the gloriousness that is Rodd’s cabin in Pine.
Bah. No.
5. Go to the aquarium with my hubby and my kid.
We’re saving this for when it’s hot (well, hotter) outside. In the meantime, we did have a fairly miserable trip to the zoo.
6. Hike at least once a month.
Haha. Hahahahaha. 

7. Create a new holiday tradition.
We hunted for Easter eggs! Ok, so it’s not “new” to most people, but it was new to Ryan, which counts.

By the way, watching this dude enthusiastically hunt for eggs has got to be in my Top Five Favorite Parenting Moments.

8. Roast marshmallows.
No. Apparently I only do that at Rodd’s cabin in Pine.

9. Introduce Ryan to a splash pad.

We introduced him to one, but he politely declined his participation. Whatever, we did our part.

10. Buy some non-cheap and comfy – yet cute – work heels.
I have bought a couple new pairs of shoes, all of which have been cute and comfy, but all of which have also been cheap. I’ve discovered it’s difficult to end my love affair with cheap shoes no matter how quickly they disintegrate.

11. Pay off my car.
Did it! In just over two years. BOOM.

12. Figure out better long-term daycare solution.
13. Go on date with Mike to a movie.
We always say we should do this, but whenever we snag a date night, we just want to go eat food and drink beers. Not sure what that says about us.**

14. Write a book proposal.
Nope. But I’ve been writing essays that I’m hoping will eventually lead me down that path … progress?

15. Have fabulous outdoor barbecue with friends in new home.
I don’t think we’ve had a true barbecue yet. But we have had friends lounge outside at night around our fire pit. We have toasted mimosas with friends on Easter. And I’ve had a dozen mom friends (and their babies) over at one time. So I feel we have achieved the spirit of this one.

I know, right?

So, I completed 6 out of 30 15. That seems a little pathetic. Luckily, I have discovered that with age, comes wisdom. And wisdom is telling me, “Who cares?”

Happy almost-new-decade to me!

*Perhaps “Follow through on goals” should have been an item.
**Other than the obvious: We’re awesome.