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It seems like we’re always trying to achieve The Flow. You know, that sweet spot where predictability and routine and happiness collide.

But life is full of anti-flow inconveniences. Your check-engine light comes on, you forget to reorder contact lenses before you run out, your water heater leaks all over your laundry room. It usually comes out of nowhere right when you think you’ve finally found your rhythm.

The thing disrupting The Flow this week? Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.*

Without warning, my kid broke out in a feisty¬†rash, decided he did not want to eat anything other than applesauce,** and became a little offended if you tried to put him down to sleep. It also means he can’t go back to daycare*** until he is symptom-free. Which could take a week or two.

Let me tell you, there is zero flow to two working parents who really need to go to work but yet must find a way for one parent to be home at all times, all week long. Maybe longer.

In case that’s not enough excitement – and you knew it wouldn’t be – one of his ear tubes also fell out on Sunday amid a(nother) raging ear infection. Documented proof:

Yes, I took a picture of the tube. I paid a lot of money for this tiny piece of rubber. And I didn’t expect it to be blue.

Keep me company — is anything breaking your Flow this week?

*Apparently it’s a real thing. Who knew.
***i.e., the place that infected him.