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What… in… the…
It’s some sort of… water… thing… ?
Alright. I will take onnneeeee step…
Nope, no, wait. I need… my own bottle of water first. Yes, this will help me to acclimate to the idea of larger quantities of water.
And now I watch. And wait. And watch some more. Perhaps I should go sit down and rest while I watch.
Guys, did you see this?! It’s water!!
Whoa, whoa, whoa lady! Not ready yet.
Let’s just enjoy the ambiance for a bit longer.
Oh, Dad’s going in?! Ok, here I come!

It is probably safer if I approach it from the side…

Ok, my clothes are slightly damp. Time to take a break.

It’s warm out here. I’d better sip some water to hydrate. It’s the responsible thing to do.

Round 2!

Weeeeeheeeeeee! I’m having so much FUN!