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But a couple weeks before that happened, a good friend took me out for a day of brunching, shopping and spa’ing. It was an awesome, perfect, relaxing afternoon. Afterward, she brought me home to a small dinner with our hubbies. Or that’s what I thought was going to happen. In actuality, my husband had been scheming for weeks and I came home to this:

That’s how I look when I’m shocked. And trying to count and figure out why there were more than two adults and one toddler in my living room (and more in the kitchen, which you can’t see in the video).

There was pasta, beer, cake and friends, which anyone who knows me well will tell you are four of my favorite things.*

Mike threw the party a couple weeks early because we were getting ready to travel to Ohio to see my family and spend my actual birthday doing this:

Kid LOVES being baptized.

I didn’t purposely set out to baptize my kid on my 30th birthday. That would be a weird thing to set out to do. It just happened to be the Sunday of the best week for us to travel and the timing of it didn’t really click until I lined up the pastor and talked to his assistant to confirm the date.

But it worked out alright cuz it turns out that a baptism + a birthday = two cakes.

 I only got a picture of one cake. But don’t worry; I made sure to eat both.

Plus, there was tons of family to celebrate the occasion with, including a niece in a shark hat and sunglasses.

Which has nothing to do with anything. But chick has style.

Anyway, you would think all of this would be enough. But after a long journey back home to Phoenix, I returned to work to a backlog of email and this scene:

That’s a Dora the Explorer-themed birthday cubicle. Cuz my co-workers rock like that.

And with that, I officially deem my 20s a thing of the past.

*Not necessarily in that order. But maybe.