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I learned some very important information yesterday.

1. My kid may never enjoy swimming. He very well might yell every second he is held hostage in a pool from now until he’s 13.* Or maybe he will hate every second of it except for the time he is allowed to float on his back.

A fleeting moment of serenity. Don’t let it fool you. He is miserable.

2. A kid who yells for 25 minutes of a 30-minute lesson? Swallows a lot of water. Like, a-lot-a-lot of water.

3.  All that water? Will quite possibly be puked up** in the car ride home. Twice.

Please note that while I said this is important information, I do not find it to be particularly useful information. How does one prevent a screaming kid from swallowing a few gallons of water that will later be vomited all over the back seat of a hot car?***

Ah well, just another normal week ’round here.

*At which point I hope he is smart enough to just get out if he wants to.
**Not pictured. Don’t think it didn’t cross my mind. You’re welcome.
***It’s supposed to reach 109 degrees today. I’m sure I’m in for a treat on my ride home from work.