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A few different friends have told me recently that my blog and my stories about Ryan are the best birth control they ever came across.

I cannot. Imagine. What. On Earth. They mean.

Parenting is equal parts hilarious and hard — no matter how rough your day was or how tired you are, your kid wants dinner (but only if it’s applesauce and hot dogs) and a bath (but only if he can hear Mickey Mouse Clubhouse blaring from the TV in the next room so he can yell “Oh Toodles!” at the appropriate moment).

But I don’t want to be credited with the extinction of the human race, so here’s some cuteness for you:

  • If you ask Ryan for a kiss, he leans his forehead toward you so you can give *him* a kiss.
  • If you ask him any question with the right tone, he answers “yeah!” Like, “Are you hungry?” “Yeah!” “Do you want a banana?” “Yeah!” “And milk?” “Yeah?” “Are you a homicidal maniac?” “Yeah!”
  • He loves hats. So much so that when I bought and presented him with a new one recently, he let out a happy gasp/sigh before snatching it from me and putting it on.
  • Ryan gives me a hug and kiss every morning before Mike leaves to take him to daycare. When he starts to walk out the door, I yell “Waaaaait! Mommy needs another hug! Pleeeeease!” He laughs and runs back to give me another hug. Then he walks to the car, turns back to me, waves, says “bye!” and blows me a kiss. It is my favorite moment of every single day.

Might as well add “cheeks and eyelashes” to the list.
So there you go. Feel free to procreate now.