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I threw my first baby shower for a dear friend over the weekend. I’m pretty sure throwing one shower makes me an expert, so I present you with …

Top 6 Tips For Throwing The Best* Baby Shower Ever

1. Steal ideas. Practically the entire menu was the menu my mom served at Ryan’s baptism party last month. It was a different crowd, so it was new to them.

(Sandwiches, pasta salad, bean and corn salad, fruit… sound familiar, family?)

2. Marry a nice guy. That way, when you put on a brand new dress and discover a gigantic hole in the front of it 45 minutes before the party starts, you’ve got someone who will speed to Target to exchange it for you.

No holes!

3. Call the professionals. Your cupcakes might be tasty, but they aren’t this pretty. At least mine aren’t.

Bonus: You still get kudos for knowing a good bakery.

4. Put ’em to work. Require the guests to decorate onesies for the mom-to-be. It’s a cute gift for her and – equally important – an easy party decoration for you.

5. Invite parents of cute kids. Then you don’t need shower games because let’s face it: the “Watch Preston Attempt to Woo Lucy” game is more entertaining anyway.

Allow me to drive you, my dear. 

Care for a neck massage?

6. Go on a pre-shower vacation. I got back from a girls’ hiking trip to Utah just a few days before the shower. All that fresh mountain air put me into super-laid-back-party-planner mode. At least until I discovered the hole in the dress.

*I define “Best” by the following criteria: Food was consumed, gifts were opened and baby/toddler meltdowns were minimized.