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I’ve never claimed to be the next Adele, but I always thought my voice was at least passable to a child. 
Ryan always seemed to enjoy my singing. When he was a newborn, my rendition of Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” was sometimes the only thing that would calm him down. And until about two weeks ago, he would clap and yell “yay!” when I sang the alphabet song.
But now he does this:

Is that not the girliest scream you’ve ever heard? He does this – I kid you not – Every. Single. Time. I. Sing. Anything. It’s ok if Mike sings. It’s ok if a cartoon Mickey Mouse sings. It’s ok if anyone on the radio sings. But if I sing, he shrieks like a teenage girl in a haunted house.

Except? Except if I change all the words to “car.” I tried this on a whim, cuz dude is obsessed with cars right now. “You are my sunshine… my only sunshine…” became “Car car car car-car… car car-car car-car….”

He loved it.