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You know how parents of young kids are constantly like, “That’s a letter C! C is for Cow!”

Ryan has a whole set of foam bath letters that he loves to study, chew and slap against the side of the tub (in that order). I encourage this love of letters and point out what each one is. Then I try to come up with corresponding words. It never seems to go quite right.

That’s a K! K is for… Kangaroo! And, uh………

… Kiwi. K is for Kiwi. You know, the fruit. You had it once and didn’t care for it. Anyway, let’s move on to another letter.”

He nods solemnly and leans over to pick up a J. And I’m all “Ooooh, that’s another hard one. J is for… Jumping! And… Jovial… which is sort of a challenging vocabulary word for a toddler, but it’s all I can think of right now. It means ‘cheerful.’ Jovial.”

He nods again and points to the one letter he can correctly identify himself: “O!!

Yes, that’s right! O! O is for Octopus! And also… obstinate. Which actually is appropriate in your case.”


Perhaps someone else should be in charge of teaching him vocabulary.