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We met at a basketball game,
perched above an orange sea.
I learned to love football for you
and for Paul Posluszny.
We traveled a lot
to avoid the hot summer and fall;
but when we were home,
we passed the time with kickball.

One bright October day,
you hid a ring on a pumpkin.
We made plans and talked babies;
you said you liked the name “Ryan.”
We married in the desert
under the threat of monsoon.
It didn’t dampen our spirits,
we just kicked up the tunes.

We honeymooned in Cabo
before you started a new job.
We settled into our life,
ate our weight in corn on the cob.
On a New Year’s Eve
that we’ll never forget,
we learned two would be three;
we were having a kidlet.

His certificate says Ryan
but we call him The Bub.
He’s your spitting image
with some extra belly chub.
I always knew
You would be a great dad.
But seeing you with him
makes me love you like mad.

P.S. Happy Father’s Day to my own Dad. You taught me to love books and to save for retirement. You were my role model for what a husband and father should be, and you set a very high standard. I wish I were eating ribs and cheesy potatoes with you today.